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Solstice Meditation Renewal

Starting June 18th I will be starting the Solstice Mediation Renewal with Ram Dass course hosted by the Love Serve Remember Foundation. It is my intention to follow this 4 week course then share my experience here on my blog.

When I tell people about this normally their first question is, "What is meditation?". According to the Solstice Meditation Renewal handbook its "...becoming familiar with ourselves. Through meditation we are able to find courage to persevere when encountering obstacles and difficulties in life." -- I don't know about you but I could sure use some of that.

Another major reason to meditate is for stress and anxiety relief. Meditation can help clear the anxious mind by bringing attention to the here and now simply by concentrating on the breath or use of mantra. To learn more on how meditation could help with stress and anxiety follow the link:

Ram Dass is a well known spiritual teacher and yogi. He may be best known for his work with Timothy Leary and the psychedelic movement. It was through this movement that opened his proverbial 3rd eye. After a long stint in India and the meeting of his Guru Ram Dass came back a changed and enlightened man. He has written many books and given lectures on the subject.

I first heard of Ram Dass and the Love Serve Remember Foundation approximately 5 years ago through a friend. His book, "Be Here Now" has helped open my mind and heart in ways I couldn't begin to explain.

So, in 4 days I start this journey. I hope everyone comes back to check up on me during my meditiation journey as I look forward to sharing these eperiences with you.

If you would like to learn more about Ram Dass, The Love Serve Remember Foundtion, or to sign up and take this journey with me you could find all information at the link below.

Namaste _/\_


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