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  • Vanessa

In the last two weeks...

... Spring finally sprung which means more time outdoors and less time hunched over my heat emitting, leg burning lap top- is that a good or bad thing?? I've gone for long walks and bike rides to the park or even to the grocery store with my daughter, friend, and her daughter- which is an adventure in its own right. It seems that when the sun is out it is a lot harder to not want to be outside which is aiding my procrastination in the worst way. I've been putting off sitting down at my lap top writing something profound in order of spending time to play at the park or simply take a walk in the sun and that people is not helping my bottom line.

I've also spent a large amount of time working at my paying job by picking up shifts and hours where I can- Momma needs some new summer clothes. Its been pretty busy there as we are opening up a new wing and short staffed, but hey! more moo-la for yours truly.

Mostly, however, we have opened our home to a friend (and her daughter) in need of a place to stay (my husband is a Saint). With that, there is need for adapting and adjusting to two other personalities which is not always easy and comes more with time then with any sort of force. Its something both parties have to work towards- for us, so far so good.

Roughly, its been a sunny, playful, exhausting, adjusting, procrastinating two long weeks. Here's hoping I can get it together this week. :-)

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