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Four week Meditation Renewal

Starting June 18th, I will be starting a Solstice Meditation Renewal as a personal challenge to myself. Years ago, I became drawn into meditation as a means of self-realization and a way to manage stress. D

uring my practice the things I learned changed the way I thought of my-self, as well as how I saw the world in general. To say it was life altering would be watering it down to a mere vague phrase that doesn’t do it justice. Anyone that has ever had an “Ah-ha” moment will understand what I mean.

Unfortunately, in the last two years I have slowly, unconsciously been dropping my practice; pulled more into the drama of life, the reality of work, and the exhaustion of simply surviving. Sometimes that’s how things go. It’s the circle. The up and down ride. The constant challenge to be mindful, present, and happy.

Then a good friend of mine sent me a link from one of my favorite spiritual teachers Ram Dass. The link was for the Solstice Meditation Renewal, a guided course that I signed up for immediately. The four-week course is done online through the Love-Serve-Remember Foundation, founded by Yogi Ram Dass. It includes guided meditations with daily mantra, pre-recorded dharma talks by Ram Dass, with work-book, journal, and daily calendar.

With that, I’ve decided to upload my journal here on my blog. I want to share my journey with all that is drawn to read about it. This post is the start of my blog series based on this challenge. My goal is to get back into mindful thinking; be more present; to limit stress; for personal acknowledgement; personal growth.


What is meditation?

According to the SMR handbook, simply put, meditation is becoming familiar with ourselves and through meditation we can find the courage to persevere when encountering obstacles and difficulties in our lives.

To me mediation is going inside yourself by quieting the constant rambling inside your head. Its being present and relaxed; its joy.

Where to meditate?

Anywhere you’re comfortable, simple as that.

How often should you meditate?

Preferred once a day, though its ok if you miss a few days. The more you do it the deeper you’ll get.

My Meditation Renewal starts on June 18th. Please come back to follow my journey by reading my weekly updates and watch my progress. I’m happy to share this experience as I hope we all get something out of it. Best wishes!

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